We at PARAGON TRUST COMPANY stand ready and able to both protect and provide superior services for your assets during your lifetime and those for future generations. We provide investment management and trust services to individuals and institutions by offering:

Services in asset management: Under our “conflict free” approach to asset management, we refer you to several money managers to consider, with personalized attention given to your goals and wishes. In addition, we neither:

  1. i) Participate in any directed fee sharing or splitting with any money manager you employ after our introduction.
  2. ii) Most importantly, we allow YOU to participate in the determination of the money managers and financial professionals you feel most comfortable in engaging.

Service as a fiduciary: As we are seasoned professionals in the field, we can provide the ability to perform as a full-service trust company, executor, trust manager, adviser, trustee or fiduciary, or can support you in the endeavor if this is your preference. We provide the systems, skills, and specific competencies required in order to perform the tasks at hand to create values of superior worth. When compared to institutional fiduciaries, it is our belief that you will find our cost structure and service level to be far superior, and our technical expertise to be well above what you are accustomed to by offering:

Service to all regardless of size: Unlike most major institutions with minimum-value requirements or “service providers” who actually are salespeople in disguise, we stand ready to provide a customized and dedicated service for your given situation, be it large or small. To this end, we will provide you with our very best. If for some reason we cannot be of particular assistance, we will endeavor to direct you to where you can be best served, with no obligation!

Efficient and just right for you: Unlike much of our competition, we give to you precisely what you need at greater skill (and a cost much more favorable) than our competition. Many of our clients have fled those environments to work with us, and none have been displeased with the result. Given our years of experience and competencies in the field, we provide to you exactly what you need (and will not ask you to pay for the inefficiencies of the salaries, bonuses, and such other bloated charges, as some of our competition will do!)

As a full service fiduciary services company, we are poised to meet your needs. Below is a listing of merely some of the services that we can provide for you:

  • Complete accounting and consulting services
  • Tax preparation of all types of returns, including (but not limited to): estate, gift, Non-Profit, inheritance, income, fiduciary income and intangible
  • Complete services for (or as) trustees, executors and other fiduciaries, including (but not limited to): estate administration, complete fiduciary and financial management (using our “conflict free” approach)
  • All matters of audit representation before governmental and taxing authorities, both state and Federal
  • Annual trust management services and reporting
  • Business valuation services (call for details)
  • Full trust and estate administration services, and accounting
  • Audit and internal control procedures
  • Complete non-profit services

With our successful years of experience in this field, we can provide services to any level of necessity or degree, be it small or large, either by the individual task or by long-term engagement. Allow us to share the benefits with you today! [1]

[1] Many of our technical and administrative services are provided by the same principals through our wholly-owned operating subsidiary FORTRESS FIDUCIARY COMPANY LLC.


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